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A Woman’s Casino Vacation

As every man deserves a well earned vacation, women demand the same treatment. For some women, the ultimate getaway is a casino vacation with their girlfriends.

Casinos that offer women-only vacations are fast becoming the rage among the female gambling community. Casinos now offer these vacations and demand that it be entirely women only without any male companions or families. The vacation is directed to the direct pampering and enjoyment of women players.

A Date with the Spa

What was seen as a frivolity among women has become one of the centerpieces of a successful female casino vacation. A day spa treatment is an essential part of the itinerary for women. Women can now take a breather from the gambling floors and enjoy all that the spa has to offer such as facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures and various types of massages. A weekend casino vacation package comes complete with a spa visit. Some women even use the vacation as a sort of bachelorette party hook up theme.

For those women who would prefer to spend their free time outdoors, several casinos offer special golf packages for golf lovers. A usual golf package includes time with LPGA golf pros, a two to three day lesson package as well as airport shuttle service, deluxe rooms at the casino hotel, and golf equipment and lesson materials.

It’s the variety

A trip to the casino without men enables casino operators to design the vacation packages exclusively around female needs and desires. Casinos offer lots of freebies that could include gift certificates to nearby shopping malls, chances to see a popular music artist perform or tickets to a long running show.

Travel via bus

Bus trips are an excellent way for women to travel to Las Vegas. Many women who live in the northeastern part of the United States can take the bus and avoid the hassles that come with airline travel. Most buses ply the Atlantic city route and many schedules work around them. Atlantic city is a popular alternative to women who would want a few hours getaway without the overnight spending. Some bus companies even offer money to spend in specific gambling areas. Atlantic city is also ideal for those who would want to spend time walking on a beach or strolling along Broadway before trying their luck on the game floor.

Gambling with Girlfriends

It has been proven over time that women who gamble with their girlfriends have a much better time on the gaming floor that with their male companions. Women are more likely to try new games and spend more.

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