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How to Play Poker at UltimateBet

Known to be an attractive, appealing and intriguing game in live and online casinos, poker is a unique but popular table and card game that opens doors to many excellent gamblers to become instant millionaires. Many gamblers are able to get millions from winning in prestigious and highly acclaimed poker tournaments, which is why even new casino players showed interest in discovering the fascinating aspects of poker. Because of the popularity of poker, many online casinos create online poker rooms where gamblers can enjoy playing variants of poker without leaving their homes.

UltimateBet is an attractive and popular online poker room that many gamblers want to visit. This poker room helps players learn more about the basics in playing poker by introducing poker software and downloads. Meanwhile, for those who want to know everything about how to play poker at UltimateBet, there is a specific section in its site which will help them be informed about the basic steps in playing poker in this room.

First and foremost new players and gamblers must register an account at the poker room. When opening a player account, gamblers must decide whether they will play cash games or chip games. The important information that players should include in their accounts are password, screen name as well as identification question which are necessary to secure the privacy of players.

After opening a player account, gamblers will be given 1000 chips that they can use when they participate in poker tables. In case, they run out of chips, players can easily purchase new chips by just clicking on the icon that has the label get more chips in their player account. As soon as they have replenished their play chips, they can find a poker table where they will play some of the variations of poker such as HORSE and Crazy Pineapple.

There is another special and free feature in the personal account of players at UltimateBet. They can know if their friends are online by having access on the UltimateBuddy. UltimateBuddy also assists players in locating which table their online friends are playing.

By following the instructions and guidelines that are discussed in this article, gamblers can easily figure out how they can instantly play poker at UltimateBet. By having access on the special features in players’ accounts, gamblers can enjoy their experience in playing poker with their online friends and other poker players visiting the attractive site of UltimateBet.

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