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The ABC’s of Caribbean Stud Poker

Out of the many variations of poker, the Caribbean stud is the only game where you play against the casino or the dealer and nobody else. You don’t have to worry about other players; you only need to mind your hand and the dealer’s hand. See how easy and quick it is to learn the Caribbean Stud.

The table is similar to the blackjack table and there are six player spots in general. Only one deck of 52 cards is used. The dealer will pay winners from right to left and it really doesn’t matter where you sit. All that matters is that you know the poker hand ranking, you have your chips ready and you’re all set to begin.

The game is set in motion by placing an initial bet, or an ante. Then, you’ll be dealt five cards facing down. The dealer will get five cards as well, one of which is dealt face-up on the table.

You will assess your hand and decided if it’s good to play against the dealer. You’ll use your knowledge of poker hand rankings to form that judgment. Also consider the dealer card that’s facing up on the table and see if the dealer has a potentially good hand, and then decide to either raise or fold.

If you fold, you’ve lost and the dealer will collect your ante bet. That’s it for you in that round. If you decide to bet against the dealer, you’ll need to wager twice the ante amount and see the round through. After everyone has acted on their decision, the rest of the dealer cards will be flipped over and everyone will lay their cards on the table as well. You’ll now know whether your poker hand has won or lost to the dealer.

You have lost if the dealer has a better hand than you. The dealer will then collect your ante and your raise. Otherwise, you have won and what your winnings are will depend if the dealer qualifies or not. The dealer qualifies with a hand rank of a single ace and a king or higher (one pair, two pairs, three of a kind and so on). Accordingly, the dealer doesn’t qualify with a hand lower than an ace and a king.

If you’ve won and the dealer qualifies, your winnings are a match to your ante plus a payout to your raise. The raise payout depends on the poker rank of your winning hand. Thus, the royal flush receives the highest payout followed by the straight flush, and so on. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, your winning is a match to the amount of your ante.

The Caribbean stud is one of the quickest and easiest poker games to learn. You’ll need to know the poker hand rankings and you’ll just be playing one on one with the house or the dealer and no one else. So, just learn the ABC’s of the Caribbean stud poker and start having fun!

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