The casino advantage in video poker is much lower than slot machines .

That’s why if you want to have fun and change the way you play compared to slot machines I recommend video poker as a game that can do for you. In video poker there are no croupiers, no rake, no bluffs, no scams: it is only based on your poker skills.

There are different types of video poker. Some of these include 52 cards that can be played with additional cards.

All variations of this pastime are based on real poker. As a result, a basic knowledge of the rules of this pastime is necessary. Begin to select the value of your coin with which you want to play in order to decide the number of coins you wish to bet.

You will then start the game, and five cards will appear on your screen.

You can discard some or even all the cards and choose others.

Press on those you do not want, press the appropriate button and in a moment the old ones will disappear and the new ones will appear

The result of this second wheel determines your winning or loss. Each video poker displays on the monitor the relative odds of victory that are determined by the number of coins that you have previously entered

There are different tables with different amounts that vary depending on the video poker you are using. However, there is a minimum winnings. The odds of winning a video poker are the same as the real one.

A platform of this pastime manages to produce more than 2.5 million winnings. Each machine is regulated by a random number generator that even simulates tests on the monitor screen, to make the player observe the various winnings.

While in real poker the casino collects its profits with a rake, in video poker will be collected based on how the machine was set for payments.

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